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One or more stations capturing photos of racers andor race cars an event dashboard. Founder randy davis has a background in engineering and over twenty years of experience with pinewood derby racing. When you click to start the derby, the first heat races are generated and a heat report is shown on the race manager window. The champ timer is designed specifically for the besttrack pinewood derby track. We believe that cub scout packs and individuals should get these for free. The most popular pinewood derby tools and accessories brands include pine car, derby worx, and woodland scenics. The robust and flexible design allow the timer to be easily constructed and modified to meet your specific needs. Grandprix race central has forums, links, pictures, and information for all the same kinds of races. Your pinewood derby timer, software and tv headquarters.

This and similar designs, including one nonrigid aluminum design, exist as both homebrew and commercial products and is typical of the plans found online for building your own pinewood derby track. Develop pinewood derby car winning designs with our products. In such an event, youd need to make your own car to enter the race. How to make a fast pinewood derby car boys life magazine. We do not recommend using the champ timer on other tracks due to our mounting design. Aside from the pro driller, pinewood pro offers an exclusive line of pinewood derby pro tools, like our pro axle inserter guide, pro wheel spacer, pro wheel bore polisher and pro axle pullerinerter that will both save you time and make your car faster. The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking a shape for your pinewood derby car. Whether you run a pinewood derby, a grand prix, or any other type of race, derbymaster is the software that will do everything for you. Derbynet is the new standard in race management software for pinewood derby events. The pinewood derby timer pdt is an arduino based track timer with a robust and flexible design which allows it to be easily constructed and modified to meet your specific needs. Here is a great video on the science of pinewood derby cars by mark rober exnasa engineer. His valuable insight provides builders with everything they need to design racewinning cars every time. Grand prix software central provides race software for cub scout pinewood derby, awana grand prix, space derby, raingutter regatta and other similar races. It provides an informative and attractive spectator experience, while being simple and extremely easy for the race manager to use.

We have been using this software for the past 5 years and have loved it. Whether you are a rookie or a pro, we can help you build a winning pinewood derby car. This was the first year that my son and i were able to experience the pinewood derby together, so like any good engineer dad i thought that we should go. Every derby magic track comes complete with a support frame, starting gate, and finish line brake. Before you begin, consider the following general guidelines. Pinewood derby cars designs speed supplies free tips. To build a fast, winning pinewood derby car, you need a great car design, polished axles, bent axles for steering, lathed wheels to reduce inertia, tungsten weights to optimize center of gravity, plus all the speed tips in our winning pinewood derby secrets book. Sandpaper and paint can turn a block of wood into a sleek pinewood derby car that looks as smooth as steel. With derbynet, multiple browsers connect to a web server running on your laptop or in the cloud. This was the first year that my son and i were able to experience the pinewood derby together, so like. Home corporate and special races grandprix software central. Are you looking for tips on how to design a pinewood derby car. A pointed nose will make it difficult for your pinewood derby car to rest on the pin at the starting gate. Mid america pinewood derby derby car racing pinewood pinewood races pinewood race derby race derby races pwd scout pinewood pinewood derby video pinewood derby pictures scout pinewood derby cub scout pinewood derby midamerica pinewood derby event details and sponsors pinewood derby midamerica council pinewood derby racing pinewood derby resources derby resources.

Hobby science manuals extensive information on the science of pinewood derby cars. The above shown template shows the starfighter derby car. Jan 25, 2019 download pinewood derby race track 2 for free. Here is pinewood derby car design templates for you. Derbymaster is the leader in race management software and was designed for those racing enthusiasts who want to experience their best racing ever. Easy pinewood derby car wins using science duration. Also a great place to find pinewood derby plans and pinewood derby track information. Check this link out to read about options for p inewood derby software that can help you manage your race more efficiently. Design pinewood derby cars with symmetry in sketchup. Here given some free pinewood derby car templates that are very helpful to understand the design of cars. The derby magic company pinewood derby tracks, timer, and. We offer pinewood derby tracks in widths from 1 to 8 lanes, and lengths of 32, 38, or 44 feet. Tungsten is about smaller than zinc that has the same weight.

Pinewood derby online, a forum for questions and discussions about everyones favorite gravity powered racers. Use this handy template to sketch out your pinewood derby cars design before you start cutting. This is an update to the original race track written by scott lewis in sourceforge. It is written in java and runs on any java enabled platform. To do this, you can come up with your own pinewood derby design. It is very helpful to have a printer connected to print one or more copies of the heat report. Free design software for your pinewood derby by rob march 10, 2011 0 comments autodesk 123d provides useful tools for making things for quickly giving shape to your idea, exploring it, and most importantly, making it. Fastest pinewood derby car designs maximum velocity. Race software for cub scout pinewood derby, awana grand prix, space derby, raingutter regatta or other similar races. It features the newbold products dt8000 pinewood derby timer. A doityourself track timer based on the arduino uno. Each plan includes design templates and shows every cut with 3d images so you cant make a mistake.

Derby monkey is pleased to offer you the following free pinewood derby car templates and plans. Time your race on 18 lane tracks with stunningly accurate measurements. Geeking out on pinewood derby car design optimal device. Derby magic pinewood derby tracks, timers, software. Download a free pinewood derby car design template. Help your scout speed ahead of the competition with the latest derby essentials, paints, lights, and other new accessories. Pinewood derby season is approaching fast and will race by before you know it. How to build the fastest pinewood derby car part 1 youtube. The system is designed to use a web server to communicate over a local network to client computers to manage the input and tracking of racer information. Therefor, you can pack tungsten weights in a smaller area to optimize your center of gravity to maximize inertia giving you greater speed at the finish gate. Race software for cub scout pinewood derby, awana grand prix, space derby. Building pinewood derby cars that win and having a fun time doing it is a trad ition that goes back generations in my family. Providing high quality software solutions that will help with planning and conducting pinewood derby, awana grand prix, space derby, raingutter regatta or other similar race.

Pinewood derby car software free download pinewood derby car. Want to build a pinewood derby car that looks good and goes fast. Our goal is to provide high quality products that will help with planning and conducting cub scout pinewood derby, awana grand prix, space derby, raingutter regatta and other similar races. Free pinewood derby car templates designs and plans courtesy of derby monkey. Tungsten weights are ideal for pinewood derby cars. Some of my mo st vivid and cherished memories are of the time i spent building derby cars with my father and brothers. It supports racer registration, heat scheduling, electronic timer integration, and sound effect playback. Opensource pinewood derby race management software. It was printed, cutout and glued onto the block of wood. Pinewood derby car design templates the flying wedge pinewood physics and the pinewood derby extras links to templates, timer alternatives, stories about satisfied parents, and more. Pinewood derby designs software free download pinewood. We are using a two lane track design, so if the one that you know of uses this design then it would be prefered. With all racers entered and the spectator window launched, the derby is ready to be started.

Pinewood derby car software finishline for pinewood derby v. Race track is a pinewood derby race management application. How to win the pinewood derby ultimate speed secrets. At maximum velocity, we have some of the fastest pinewood derby car designs available today. Take your race to the next level with our derbytv and pinewood derby software. Features administration of cars and races, generation of heats using pope and young, management console for quick entry and management of results and auto refreshing results panel for display on overhe. All other pinewood derby store websites charge you for plans and templates.

When it comes to pinewood derby car designs, there are endless possibilities. The smartline pinewood and space derby finish line timer by. These two sites are helpful resources if you are planning your own pinewood derby race. For nearly three decades supertimer has been providing pinewood derby tracks, pinewood derby timers and pinewood derby race management software to adventure guides, awana, cub scouts, masters clubs, pathfinders, pioneers, royal ambassadors, royal rangers, the girl scouts powder puff derby and related organizations. An educational video that uses the pinewood derby to encourage your childs interest in physics. Hobbylinc carries 52 pinewood derby tools and accessories at discounts up to 62%. Grandprix race manager, racefx, racereplay, derbydmv, derby car. It has a higher initial slope than most aluminum pinewood derby tracks which creates a faster initial start. Pineman is a network oriented pinewood derby management system. Scissors, markers, sandpaper, paint, accessories and decals. Click here to register as a member today for full access to the forum, its fast, simple, and absolutely free. If youre still using something else, you, and your audience, are missing out. I was wondering if anyone out there had or knows where i can find some pinewood derby race tracking software. Either that or you can download any of the pinewood derby templates here.

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