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Senior position, giacomo ponzetto crei an erc starting grant and isaac baley a marie curie grant. Oct 20, 2019 that is the highly controversial book by frederick martel, subtitled power, homosexuality, hypocrisy. His research lies at the intersection of political economy and international and regional economics. Since the option is perpetual, a closedform solution is easy to. Mathematical methods for economics analysis schweinzer, 2004, link georgetown math camp, summer, winter ubc, math for econ, paul schrimpf open source. Ponzetto that appeared in the january 2010 issue of the journal of urban economics, and local industrial conditions and entrepreneurship. Agglomeration economics brings together a group of essays that examine the reasons why economic activity continues to cluster together despite the falling costs of moving goods and transmitting information. Free exchange down towns finance and economics the. How much of the spatial distribution can we explain. We thank nicholas barberis, kent daniel, ian dewbecker, fernando ferreira, adam guren, david levine, monika piazzesi, giacomo ponzetto, richard stanton, stijn van nieuwerburgh, eric zwick, seminar participants at northwestern university kellogg school of management, universidad pompeu fabra research center for international economics, european university institute, society for economic. Glaeser, edward l, giacomo am ponzetto, and andrei shleifer. International trade and regional economics it fellow. Securing property rights, economics working papers 1538, department of economics and business, universitat pompeu fabra, revised aug 2019.

Citizens, institutions and globalisation in this video, giacomo ponzetto underlines the relevance of psychology and availability of information. It is not quite a homage, but martel seems to admire the evolved. Urban economics no dawn for detroit free exchange the. View notes ec1011a fall 2014 lecture 7 from economics 1011a at harvard university. Crei lectures in macroeconomics princeton university press.

A central challenge in securing property rights is the subversion of justice through legal skill, bribery, or physical force by the strongthe state or its powerful citizensagainst the weak. The political economy of transportation investment nber. In the battle between democracy and dictatorship, democracy has a wide potential base of support but. Abstract following legal realists, we model the causes and consequences of trial judges exercising discretion in finding facts in a trial. The studies cover a wide range of topics and approach the economics of agglomeration from different angles. For some time i had been resisting reading the book, as usually i find tales of corruption and scandal boring. Giacomo ponzetto is a senior researcher at crei, adjunct professor at upf and affiliated professor at the barcelona gse, as well as a research affiliate of ipeg and of cepr. But i misunderstood the fundamental nature of the account. They conclude, referencing paddock, siegel and smiths 1988 original study, that the use of standard npv methods. A theory of economic unions, journal of monetary economics. Sep 05, 2008 he commentskotchen and burger seem to ignore that the oildrilling problem is a textbook application of dynamic programming.

Political economy, international trade, urban economics, and applied microeconomics. The latter can come about only with a certain level of human capital. Giacomo ponzetto is a senior researcher at crei and an affiliated professor at universitat pompeu fabra and the barcelona gse, as well as a research affiliate of cepr and an associate editor of the journal of the european economic association. Comparative ethnoracial politics, civil conflict and political violence. Gino gancia, giacomo ponzetto and jaume ventura no 26473, nber working papers from national bureau of economic research, inc. May 31, 2007 across countries, education and democracy are highly correlated. The most downloaded articles from journal of monetary economics in the last 90 days. On the human capital side, edward glaeser, giacomo ponzetto, and shleifer 35 argue that for a democracy to function, it needs participation of its citizens. Maria petrovaicrea research professor, ipeg, universitat pompeu fabra, barcelona gse, new economic schoolverified email at. Topics in applied economics i pompeu fabra university. The 2011 pension reform in italy and its effects on current and future retirees margherita borella and flavia coda moscarola, cerp wp n. Journal of monetary economics shop books, ebooks and journals. Judicial fact discretion the journal of legal studies. Will politics lead to overbuilding or underbuilding of transportation projects.

Edward glaeser and giacomo ponzetto,agglomeration economics, 2010. The political economy of state and local public pensions. Back giacomo ponzetto ec 1011a microeconomic theory september 16 2014 49 61 from economics 1011a at harvard university. The ones marked may be different from the article in the profile. Direct and indirect effects of trade liberalization. The political economy of state and local public pensions, journal of public economics, elsevier, vol.

He received his phd from harvard university in 2009. This video was recorded at the barcelona graduate school of economics in november 2016. Darbeloff mba class of 1955 professor of business administration professor at harvard business school, where he is a codirector of harvards managing the future of work project and faculty chair of the launching new ventures program for executive education. Ec1011a fall 2014 lecture 7 economics 1011a microeconomic. An extrapolative model of house price dynamics sciencedirect. We argue that this is partly due to the growth of trade between countries that are. Giacomo ponzetto is a senior researcher at crei and an affiliated professor at universitat pompeu fabra and the barcelona gse, as well as a research affiliate. Economics of transportation open access articles elsevier. The role of partisanship and voters asymmetric information in the political economy of trade policy. Grading will take into account that projects belonging to types a and b are more challenging than those of types c and d. Global production is the first book to provide a fully comprehensive overview. I am also thankful to giacomo ponzetto, alessandro tarozzi, jacopo ponticelli, antonio accetturo, matteo bugamelli, andrea lamorgese, alfonso rosolia, andrea petrella, tom schimtz, andrea tesei, brent neiman, frederic warzynski, gianmarco ottaviano, rosario crino, alessandra bonfiglioli, and seminar participants at crei, upf, and the bank of. We thank two anonymous referees as well as sascha becker, alberto bisin, serra boranbay, francesco giavazzi, tarek hassan, gilat levy, assar lindbeck, elias.

This paper previously circulated under the title a cultural clash view of the euro crisis. After decades of successful growth, economic unions have recently become the focus of heightened political controversy. A time series analysis of grouped data, orazio attanasio and margherita borella nber working papers 12456, national bureau of economic research, inc, 2006. Piotr evdokimov, minnesota, based on david rahmans class econ 8111, mathematical economics, 052010 general equilibrium nicholas yannelis general equilibrium theory link differential info book.

Cities, skills, and regional change, economics working papers 1255, department of economics and business, universitat pompeu fabra, revised mar 2011. Andrei shleifer national bureau of economic research. We are grateful to alberto alesina, john coates, alfred galichon, nicola gennaioli, edward glaeser, oliver hart, anthony niblett, eric posner, richard posner, holger. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Implications for traffic safety from car drivers secondary task engagement an economists view open access. Crei senior researcher, upf adjunct professor and barcelona gse affiliated professor. Political centralization and government accountability. Boffa, federico, amedeo piolatto and giacomo ponzetto 2017. Economics of transportation open access articles the latest open access articles published in economics of transportation.

We present evidence that undue influence on judges is a common concern in many countries, especially among the poor. Back giacomo ponzetto ec 1011a microeconomic theory 49 61. We identify two motivations for the exercise of such discretion. We motivate empirically and then model a causal mechanism explaining this correlation. May 15, 2006 across countries, education and democracy are highly correlated. This cited by count includes citations to the following articles in scholar.

Topics in applied economics i 3 the weekly assignments 1 and active participation to classroom discussion will count for 30% of the final grade, and the final project 2 will count for the remaining 70%. Giacomo ponzetto crei political economics 12 15 february 2010 6 14 institutions and development the institutionalist view montesquieu 1748. Princeton university economics, cum laude 19781984 collegiate school, new york city. Oligarchies, dictatorships and political transitions political economics. In our model, schooling teaches people to interact with others and raises the benefits of civic participation, including voting and organizing. This article appeared in the finance and economics section of the print edition under the. Citizens, institutions and globalisation vox, cepr policy. The political economy of transportation investment edward l.

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