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Marooned in iraq combines black comedy with a sincere family saga to create a compelling insight into lives of kurds living along the iraqiiranian border during the dictatorship of saddam hussein. Wellsprings us dvd release is supposedly derived from a hd transfer, but by todays standards its a little bit rough. Marooned in iraq film complet en entier streaming vf francais 2002 qualite hd en sortira le dans le theatre. As in his previous films, this kurdish director is again focusing on the oppression of his people. Marooned in iraq film irani, download full movie farsiland. Webmaster possono reperire quadro e diario sul tuo elettronico. They will try to find hanareh, a singer with a magic voice who crossed the border and may now be in danger in the iraqi kurdistan. Its 1991, and in the wake of the war in the persian gulf, saddam husseins forces are laying waste to villages in iraq and kurdistan believed to be. Marooned in iraq on dvd october 7, 2003 starring shahab ebrahimi, iran ghobadi, faegh mohamadi, allahmorad rashtian. Kurdfilm provides for you latest movies and tv series to watch online for free without downloading or registration in hd quality. A delicate yet potent blend of tragedy and comedy, marooned in iraq puts human faces on a brutal war and finds beauty in horror along the way. Marooned in iraq trailer 2003 during the war between iran and iraq, mirza embarks on a journey with his two sons to find his exwife.

Marooned in iraq 2002 ganzer film deutsch hd besten filme. Released into theaters just weeks after the toppling of saddam husseins government signaled the opening of yet another chapter in the precarious existence of. Mirza, a famous kurdish musician, hears that his exwife hanare is in trouble. Wellsprings dvd release is supposedly derived from a hd transfer, but by todays standards its a little bit rough. The film is effectively divided into two sections, the first of which is set in the desert and has a focus on the black comedy elements to. It is most unlike all the other irani movies it is funny. In iran and iraqs postwar years, while saddam hussein bombs iraqi kurdistan, an old. Marooned in iraq bahman ghobadi 2002 the film sufi. It was selected to compete for the palme dor in the main competition section at the 2014 cannes film festival. Soon after the persian gulf war, saddam hussein victimizes iraqi kurds by unleashing planes into airways overcrowded with rumors and ghosts. During the war between iran and iraq, iranian kurd musicians look for a singer who may be lost in enemy territory. Though the film proves wearisome at times the monotonous pitch of the.

Timbuktu is a 2014 mauritanianfrench drama film directed and cowritten by abderrahmane sissako. In two of the most emotionally compelling scenes in the drama, miza and his sons come upon an itinerant schoolteacher saeed mohammadi playing the same character who appeared in the iranian film blackboards who is trying to explain to his students what airplanes and bombs are. Marooned in iraq 2002 streaming sub ita film completo. Everything you need to know about marooned in iraq movie. The adventures of an elderly kurdish musician and his two grown sons on a mission of mercy in iraqs danger zones and refugee camps. Marooned in iraq gomgashtei dar aragh was bahman ghobadis second feature film, following on from the amazing achievement of his debut effort, a time for drunken horses. Financial analysis of marooned in iraq 2003 including budget, domestic and international box office gross, dvd and bluray sales reports, total earnings and profitability. Like that earlier film, the setting is iranian kurdistan and the language spoken in the film is kurdish, not farsi. Upon hearing that his estranged wife and former band mate has gotten into trouble in iraq, mirza, a famous iraniankurd musician, rushes to. However we realise that director bahman ghobadi used the medium of a bickering family of musicians to show the ravages of war between iran and iraq and the bordering kurdistan, which is not funny at all as we progress into the movie. Anyone who are interested in the middle east must be familiar with the history of the kurdish people, and the film uses the knowledge as the backdrop against which the story of three convincing characters is told. Bahman ghobadis marooned in iraq takes a different tact toward the plight of the kurds whose homeland is divided between turkey, syria, iraq, and iran. Le film the man i marry 1936 vostfr 2015 891 december 435 november 451 october 5 meilleur films.

Trailer di marooned in iraq 2002 guardare marooned in iraq streaming ita unarcombo. Watching this movie has given a great insight into the muslim film industry especially the stark differences and similarities that exist within the cinematic realm. Set during the final days of the war between iran and iraq, this is the story of an elderly iranian kurd musician who ventures off with his. Marooned in iraq is made with an agenda, which is not hidden at all, but the beautifullyshot film is free from any preachy messages. Marooned in iraq with english subtitles a beautiful. It was nominated for the academy award for best foreign language film at the 87th academy awards, and.

Marooned in iraq is a 2002 iranian film directed by bahman ghobadi and produced in iran. A road movie that snakes across the iraniraq border, against the flow of refugees fleeing saddam, marooned in iraq ventures further into the heart of darkness as it goes along, but not before. Marooned in iraq movie trailer starring allahmorad rashtian, shahab ebrahimi, faegh mohammadi, ebrahimi ebrahimi, iran ghobadi, faegh. Wellspring media during the iran iraq war, an aging iraniankurd musician hears that his wife, a singer with a magical voice, who deserted him for his best friend and fled to iraq. Iranian filmmaker bahman ghobadi directed this wartime drama leavened with comedy, which at once examines the gulf war of the early 90s and offers a prescient perspective on the attitudes and events which in part led to the war in iraq in 2003. Though marooned in iraq falls short of greatness, its timing couldnt be more brilliant. Wellspring media during the iran iraq war, an iraniankurd musician and his sons go to find the old mans former wife, a singer, who fled iran when women were forbidden to perform publicly. Set in the aftermath of the gulf war, when saddam hussein was taking out his defeat on iraqs kurdish population by bombing and gassing. The print shows some marks and scratches, the transfer is interlaced causing minor motion. The generalizations and speculations of the television anchors and commentators fade away in the face of a film like bahman ghobadis marooned in iraq. Marooned in iraq 2002 regarder par shahab ebrahimi, faegh mohamadi, allahmorad rashtian, rojan hosseini. During the war between iran and iraq, a group of iranian kurd musicians set off on an almost impossible mission.

All movies and episodes inside tv shows working fine and smoothly on any device you use. An elderly iranian kurdish man, along with his two musician sons, crosses into iraq during saddams destruction of the kurds in the wake of the iran iraq war, in search of the. Set on the iran iraq border in the early 1990s, this film dramatizes the plight of the kurdish people. Marooned in iraq dvd in the wake of the persian gulf war, an elderly kurdish singer becomes concerned about the safety of his former wife and sets out with his two sons to find her, regardless of the fact that she left him two decades prior for another man. Acclaimed iranian director bahman ghobadis a time for drunken horses awardwinning film uses humor and wit to dramatize the plight of the kurdish people. Marooned in iraq is a wonderful heartfelt film, and ghobadi a unique voice in cinema you wont see filmmaking like this anywhere else. With humor and pathos, it shows the devastation that saddam hussein visited upon the iraqi kurds. They finally find her in a refugee camp, disfigured by the chemical attacks. A beautiful khurdish adventure movie set in the backdrop of war in iraq during the time of saddam hussain. Less shrill than samira makhmalbafs blackboards, bahman ghobadis latest is also less didactic. Later, they go into a camp filled with hundreds of orphaned children whose parents were killed, and then to a place where. Marooned in iraq is a 2002 iranian kurdishpersian film directed by bahman ghobadi and produced in iran. Marooned in iraq bahman ghobadi, 2002 dennis grunes.

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