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Discover your birth and year cards and uncover your destiny greer who a re y ou in the tarot. In the following lessons you will learn how to use one of the most powerful and accurate systems for selfunderstanding and prediction ever discovered. Free astrology numerology readings astrology, numerology. Love compatibility work compatibility chinese compatibility free games magic love ball secret crush ask the genie fortune cookie book of love daily karmic number free tarot readings tarot daily tarot daily love tarot daily career tarot yesno tarot love potential tarot breakup tarot daily flirt tarot yin yang tarot how to read tarot tarot card. Create your own destiny all the cards for your entire life are in the book. How the cards can reveal the energy of your soul contracts. The best method to find out how compatible are you, how you click together, and what is. You create your own destiny quality of life by simply making choices between each card. The destiny cards system is based on numerology, astrology and the quadration of the playing cards. Receive a free email tarot reading when you subscribe. Destiny calculator free numerology information, free.

There are four seasons in our year, and there are 4 suits in the cards. After studying the book of revelations for thirty years, he released the book of destiny in 1955 through buechler publishing company, illinois. An excellent study guide and companion to the book destiny cards by robert camp and the book love cards by robert camp. Cards of destiny discover the hidden secrets of your. Subsequently ordained a priest, he served the diocese of sioux city for four decades before retiring to oakland, california. Welcome to the cards of life where you will discover that your birthday is the key to unlocking your destiny. This report reveals information about you and your partner using an ancient and highly accurate system called the book of destiny. This site offers you some free access to the elements of your destiny. The sciences of the destiny cards, astrology, numerology, and tarot are interlocking pieces of the vast puzzle of existence. When you add all the cards in the deck together, each by their numeric value with the joker as 1, the sum total is 365, the number of days in the year. With these programs you be able to generate accurately detailed readings and reports for yourself, family members, friends and your clients. To find out the who, what, where, when, why and how of your life, call 18009976030 usacanada toll free or.

Inner planets in myth, chiron was a wise centaur who fostered and trained heroes. For example, if your personal day is 325, you are following the traits of 5, but keep in mind that it is the 2 working through 3 to achieve. Now you can access your cards and the cards of anyone you know from any computer, anywhere in the world. These reports, from our book of destiny and love cards reporter software programs, are informative and in some cases, more informative than the books. The numerology system assigns a number to every letter in the alphabet. Women with jack card have an aggressive quality, kind of mans mind. Free astrology numerology readings from free astrology charts to numerology compatibility, try out our free reports. If you want to investigate this system more, check out our two main books, destiny cards and love cards, available in most bookstores. I learned this method a couple of years ago, and found it 100% precise. Destiny cards and love cards reports know your destiny.

They may help you discover your destiny, uncover a possible relationship, or know what to expect in the coming months. Please, enter your and your partner birthday and name below. He has written five books revealing the secrets of the forecasting science featured in cards of your destiny. What your birthday reveals about you and your past, present, and future camp, robert on. Arne lein, whats your card my own book, moving to success by rose murray robert camp, the cards of destiny try the used books stores on, barnes and noble, ebay or other online bookstores for books that are now out of print. The numerology destiny number represents energy that, when interpreted, relates to both the person you know yourself to be now, and the person you tend to become more of or evolve into. Secrets kept from eyes of public were always hidden in a simple deck of playing cards. Plus, all the information is displayed neatly for you or. He also does personal readings for wellknown celebrities, teaches seminars and frequently appears on television and radio talk shows. You can check your love compatibility quite easily. Destiny cards hold keys to your destiny and inner self. We invite you to look through our website and learn more about yourself and the cards you were given the day you were born.

Concentrate on your deepest feelings and choose three cards in order to peek around the corner with our free destiny and fate tarot reading. Know your destiny cards every day with the free my destiny cards. Life path, comptability, birthday number, new year forecast below. Discover your birth and year cards and uncover your. The main menu has start, load, save, options, movies, credits and quit game. All you need is two spreads the life spread and the spiritual spread. What your birthday reveals about you and your past, present, and future. The double digits can help you to recognize the full vibration of a day. Rainas magi cards of destiny guiding your past, present. New class forming for july 6th the secrets your birth chart can tell you new courses now available how to create the perfect relationship, using the cards as your guide with robert lee camp business and financial success using the continue reading. Chiron and the nodes of destiny bring deeply rooted issues. If you have already seen your love compatibility report free initial, or delux, you may wonder about small blue bar of the. Free reading calendar destiny book what does my name mean. Builders and explorers as kersey noticed in his book are taken over the.

Neptune rules derangement, guilt, persecution and describes the potential for experiences related to confinement, abandonment, and addiction or physical intolerance to drugs. Destiny test book that can fit in the palm of your hand. The monthly calendar calculates your daily cards in one click. Discover the secrets on how to read your own destiny.

Its a little bland, but maybe you could spice it up with some destiny themed banners artwork pics from or even ask here as people who have submitted work to the creations page. Discover the secrets on how to read your own destiny welcome to this free course with robert lee camp. As life is experienced, the person that is you changes. Order your love cards intimate relationship report today. The best method to find out how compatible are you, how you click together, and what is not so useful when you are trying to figure out your birthday compatibility. Destiny cards system and astrology are the parts of a same pie, except destiny cards are a bit older than astrology. Make more powerful and happy choices in the areas of love and marriage. Destiny reports yearly reports relationship reports personal destiny calendar. I would rearrange the cards to follow a logical flow, based on how you see it. Are you contemplating a change in your job or beginning a new creative venture. The birthday book features detailed descriptions of each card s characteristics, a birthday chart to locate one s associated card, and a place to record the birthdays of friends and family. There are a lot of people who swear they dont even start new relationship before they. The next step will be to purchase one or both of our main books, the cards of your destiny, or love cards. Compare birth card descriptions for compatibility with loved ones, friends, or associates.

The cards of life your cards your life your destiny. I also have a free guide that helps you understand when a venus connection goes wrong. Things people say about cards if you are interested in having jorejj look into your destiny cards then please contact him directly as. Destiny cards give a metaview of your life and insight into your personal cards with destiny cards reports and love cards reports. The card in your neptunes period describes spirituality, abstract thinking, illusion, disillusionment, and areas of your life where things arent always what they seem. It is the destiny number interpretation that suggests the direction of your evolvement. They coincide and confirm each other so perfectly that it is almost impossible to analyze a chart of any kind without evaluating multiples. Every person studying astrology should take a look at this system because it offers a unique perspective that ties in with all they have learned. Hearts ace of hearts two of hearts three of hearts four of hearts five of hearts six of hearts seven of hearts eight of hearts nine of hearts ten of hearts jack of hearts queen of hearts king of hearts. This question is asked quite often since we do have the destiny book available online. Then click on your card in the right side to learn more. Destiny cards life reports, yearly reports, calendars and love cards relationship reports are available here. Love compatibility calculator find connections between your birth cards, planetary rulers and karma cards, and see how compatible you are with your partner. This report will explain many things about how you and your partner interact.

Cards of your destiny is a guide to help you better understand how and why you create your life the way you do. That is bizarre every other line, starting with our birth cards, is 8 of diamonds and 5 of clubs, and. Love calculator free ways to say if your love will last. Become more aware with an understanding of where you are headed in your lifes journey and for more awareness into your relationships. I cant say that reading your spreads is an easy task as you need to be quite literate with each card, the life and the perfect spread and have the planetary influences well adjusted in your mind. This system is the key to unlocking the secrets of your past, present, and future. Now you know your birth card you can learn a little about yourself from the descriptions below. Cards of your destiny by robert lee camp overdrive. The little book of 7 thunders refers to the name of the card deck or book based on a legendary system from lemuria and later ancient atlantis.

Birthday compatibility can be calculated by 3 main method. Do you wonder about the compatibility with your new love interest. Jacks are youthful, enthusiastic and often talented. But if you want to really get a clear picture you will need to invest yourself in it. Destiny cards and love cards reports destiny cards. You like to live by your own rules which created the jack reputation of being the playboys and playgirls of the deck. So it makes perfect sense to delve into numerology itself for another resource to learn more about yourself and your life journey on planet earth. This book, and also love cards the compatibility book, are really well executed works, they are super fun to read.

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